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Saturday August 22 830am
Tuesday August 25 715pm
Saturday August 29  830am
Tuesday September 1 715pm

Dance Expressions

$90 Class card for 10 classes is valid ONLY at Dance Expressions
Tuesdays 715PM

$100 Class Card for 10 classes is valid at Tuesday 715pm,  Thursday 430pm, Friday 915am, & Saturday 830am

Class cards expire 3 months from purchase date

Please CARRY in your SNEAKERS to each class to preserve the floor and extend the life of your sneakers!


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 I've been teaching Zumba (R) for  over 6 YEARS and it has TRULY changed my life and the way I feel about exercise! This work-out is like NO other! It's FUN to do, EASY to follow and gives you a TOTAL body work-out! But don't just believe ME! Read below to hear what my clients are saying about ZUMBA(R)...

" I am a Zumba enthusiast and have gone to numerous gyms and studios to take classes from teachers that I enjoy. I have an extensive dance background so can be fairly discriminating in my assessment of instructor competency. Kelli is one of the best  I have encountered in terms of actually teaching the moves and informing the participants how to best use their bodies to get a maximum workout and enjoyment. Combine this with a joyful, exuberant personality and you're guaranteed a great Zumba experience." - Iris N 

"Kelli makes Zumba so much fun- I always enjoy her energy and enthusiasm.  The class goes by so fast because you are enjoying the dancing and all the while getting a great workout." 
- June M

"Kelli engages her students to move beyond the "workout mentality" to the joy of dancing!" - Karen F 

"I love zumba because Kelli makes it so much fun.  She is always complimentary to all of us and that makes us work harder at trying to dance as well as her!" - Annmarie L

"Kelli is a wonderful Zumba instructor.  She is so professional, always gives a well-prepared class with an enjoyable mix of dances and artistic choreography.  I really enjoy her classes.  She is also a delightful person who really cares." -Mary Rose J. E

 "I think Kelli is an excellent Zumba teacher.  She takes the time to teach the steps and make people feel very comfortable if they can't do them right away.  She also has new dances/routines all the time so things don't get boring. She pumps up the class and gets everyone excited to give it their all. She is also very energetic, outgoing and has a great personality.  I think the new studio is nicely decorated and it's colorful and welcoming.  My accomplishment with Kelli's Zumba class was to lose weight and in just a couple months I was able to lose ten pounds."
-Cyndi G

"Kelli is not only a superb dancer, but also a topnotch Zumba Instructor! She did a Zumba session for the Mothers Connection members in which she told us of the history of Zumba and explained the dance steps and types of music. Her instructions are very clear and her dancing very precise. Kelli is very kind, friendly and helpful! Her high energy and enthusiasm are definitely catching! Zumba is lots of fun and an excellent way to lose weight or stay in shape! So doing ZUMBA is not only healthy and fun, but having Kelli as an instructor is an added bonus" - Rose R  


 "I love, love, love Zumba!  It is so much fun and such a great workout at the same time. Kelli is so upbeat and encouraging, and she demonstrates how to adapt the moves to your own level of fitness, so that everyone, from beginner to Zumba veteran, feels at home."
-Wendy d
"Kelli and Zumba are an awesome combination!!  Kelli's dance moves and personality lifts your spirits.  Not only do you burn calories but you really get an overall "feel good" after the workout.  It's really not a work out...it's loads of fun!  FYI, my heart monitor said that I burned 540 calories in 50 minutes!!"- Gigi G


"I've always loved to dance and am absolutely thrilled that I found Zumba as a way to not only have fun and dance but get a great workout too! Kelli is a phenomenal instructor who brings enthusiasm, friendliness and hard work to every class. She pushes us yet makes it enjoyable; I love that she is constantly trying new moves and routines and mixes things up from class to class. I am obsessed with Zumba; I have been since the day I started! My family and friends say I've officially joined the Zumba cult and it's so true!" -  Nikki A

"I have been taking Zumba classes with Kelli for almost 2 years now and I thoroughly enjoy it.  I always leave class feeling like I've had an excellent workout.  Kelli is an excellent instructor.  Her teaching style is easy to follow, she is energetic and fun and she has the ability to make even a beginner feel like a pro."  -Joanne L

Kelli LaVita's Zumba class is the BEST I have ever gone to! I'm not a fantastic dancer but I can still pick up the moves and have a GREAT time! I am always excited to workout when I go to Kelli's Zumba class. I never dread it because the atmosphere is so fun and the music really gets you going...plus the low lighting in her studio makes it feel like a party!"  -Brennan C


 "Kelli is an energetic, enthusiastic instructor.  I have taken classes with 5 other instructors, and nobody gets the class moving like Kelli.  Kelli's dance background helps to make the classes more interesting, although you do not need to have dance experience to have a fantastic time."      - Sara S

"As a former aerobics instructor, I find Zumba a great way to keep myself moving and in shape after a few hip and foot injuries. The music is motivating, the impact is generally low but I can choose to pump it up, and Kelli gives a fun, safe and diverse class. She has great energy and she actually teaches you the moves. It brought me back to the exercise I love without making me feel like I needed my former athletic abilities to get through. The other participants in class make it fun too." - Joyce F

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